February 11, 2020

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8 Tips for Better Phone Photography

Do we realize that we are all carrying an amazing medium in our pockets to be able to creating lasting art? Only a decade ago, you had to pack along your camera and now it is only a short reach away.

I often get asked how to take better cellphone pictures. Here are 8 simple tips I keep in mind before I take any photograph…

Tip 1: Clean your lens

My #1 tip – and for a reason! Ensuring you camera is clear of any finger prints or dust will really help in achieving clear and crisp photos. Before I hit the trigger button I always quickly give my lens a wipe with my shirt and voila! We are already half way there you guys!

Tip 2: Find the light

“I am forever chasing light. Light turns the ordinary into the magical” – Trent Parke

Truly the KEY component of any good photograph…ahh…sweet, sweet light. You don’t need to spent thousands on a DSLR camera to take amazing shots. All you need is good light. If you can, consider moving your subject or object to a spot where there optimal lighting (most of . Get creative with angles to see which creates better light in your image. If you are not able to control this, don’t fear – you can slightly manipulate when you go to edit.

Experiment with light! Hard light, shadows, candlelit, and morning/evening light! Get in the habit of recognizing it and then be prepared to get inspired!

Although well lit photos will result in higher quality, I absolutely LOVE experimenting with low lighting. Like I said – get experimental!


Tip 3: Use a third party app camera

Personally, I use the regular camera app 95% of the time, however, when in need of more control – VSCO camera will become your new best friend! Sometimes when I tap on whichever part of the photograph I want to be in focus, the exposure will become blown out. Using a camera with more options will allow you to choose where you want to focus AND where you want to expose for.

The image on the left was taken with the regular camera app that comes with the phone. Although it’s still a pretty image, I wanted the focus to be on the snow and for it to be exposed properly for the darkest part of the imagine. The image on the right was taken with the VSCO app camera. I was able to control both of these factors which resulted in a yummy blurred effect. Note: I flipped my phone upside down so I could get the lens closer to the snow.

This was the final result after editing (see Tip #6 to see exactly how I edit my images):

Tip 4: Plan your shots

Planning your shots can prevent frustration when the shot doesn’t go the way as planned. Have you ever went to edit or check out what you got after the moment has passed  were unhappy with the results? Taking a few seconds to decide how you want the end project to look like can prevent this! Usually, it only takes a few seconds.

(Helpful tip #4.1 – Watch for distracting objects that you don’t want to be in your shot. You’d think that after 7+ years of being a photographer this is something I would have mastered….nope. Keep your eyes peeled!)

Tip 5: Identify your subject or focal point

Although I don’t believe this is always necessary, choosing a subject or focal point can help to really tell a story and draw people into your photograph.

(Helpful tip #5.1 – Remember the rule of thirds! No idea what I’m talking about? Check out this post helpful post here.)

Tip 7: Perspective, perspective, perspective

When I sat down to think of tips that would actually help in creating better images, I kept coming back to perspective. I feel that it’s the secret ingredient which can take a normal photograph and turn it into some special…something magical.  When capturing your imagine – PAUSE and change your perspective. Move in close, get down low, look up…look down. Before you click the button – move the camera so your subject is off to the side or at the top or bottom of the frame. Force yourself to take a photo different than you normally would. Get out of your comfort zone!

Tip 6: Quick edit

It only take me seconds to do a quick edit on a photo. It can really help your imagine come to life or give it that extra pop.

For my images, I use the VSCO app. After importing my image, I apply either the A6 (color) or B5 (b&w) filter.

Depending on the lighting of the photo, I will usually adjust the following sliders:

Tip 7: Find beauty in simple moments

I have been so blessed to have traveled to amazing destinations – and while I’m always inspired and blown away by the incredible photo opportunities, some of my favorite photos have been taken at home. Don’t wait until that picture perfect moment.

There is art waiting to be uncovered in our everyday lives in the most ordinary moments!

Was this post helpful? Comment below if you’d like to see more of this how-to posts!



  1. Rebecca W says:

    Oh I loved this! Especially because you are my favourite photographer!! 💛

  2. Anna says:

    Wow, this was super helpful and inspiring! YES, I’d love more how to posts!

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